Salt Lake City Weekly: Vino on Your Screen-o 

Vino on Your Screen-o 

A quartet of worthy movies for a wine-themed film festival


A Year in Burgundy: For the escapist, I really recommend this film. It follows seven different wine-making families in France's Burgundy region throughout the wine seasons of a full vintage year in 2011. There's drama (weather), along with insight into various winemaking methods (traditional vs. modern). I've heard this movie called "great armchair travel," and it surely is. It's lush and scenic and, like the other three films mentioned here, taught me about wine without being overly pedantic. I highly recommend viewing it with a glass of great Burgundy in hand.

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Modern Farmer Reviews A Year in Burgundy


So it goes for A Year in Burgundy, a documentary by David Kennard that takes us into the heart of France’s most illustrious stretch of wine country. Presented in a measured, steady tone, this is a film that invites us to relax and discover the drama and nuances that go into making some of the world’s most highly-regarded wines.

Thanks to Netflix and Amazon, more viewers can discover its charm in time for the sequel, A Year in Champagne, which arrives in theaters next month.

A Year in Burgundy Ranks as #2 Doc on iTunes


Nearly a year after its initial release, A Year in Burgundy has topped the iTunes charts again.


This August iTunes ran a special summer promotion.

A Year in Burgundy was the #2 Documentary in sales

#10 independent film in sales

And #34 in ALL films downloaded

The Other Red Wine: Review of A Year in Burgundy


A new review of A Year in Burgundy, alongside the film Red Obsession, from New Zealand-based blogger Nathan Branch.



If Bordeaux is the Louis Vuitton of the wine world, then Burgundy is its Hermes — jealous of tradition, devoted to craft, and willing to put up with the attention of sycophants if that means they can keep toiling away at crafting exquisite items for those in the know.

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The French Wench Reviews A Year in Burgundy


French-Australian blogger Sandra Beeston reviewed A Year in Burgundy on her blog, The French Wench.


I especially liked the grape-picking segment, as it reminded me of my own time picking up grapes in the Beaujolais (south of Burgundy) when I was a student. My back and feet were completely wrecked for weeks, but boy was it fun! The atmosphere was extraordinary, every evening after a delicious dinner cooked by the winemakers, we would walk down to the village and celebrate with other grape-pickers from the neighbouring domains. People brought guitars, everyone was singing, dancing and being merry. The last day of the “vendanges” ended exactly like in the movie: with a big rotten grape fight. And let me tell you, a whole rotten grape thrown full force in the face really hurts! Aaaah, good times…


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From Australia, you can watch A Year in Burgundy on iTunes.