Martine Saunier Profiled in Wine Planet Magazine


Wine Planet, a new French magazine for the wine trade, profiled Martine Saunier in its March 2014 issue.


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Review: Ein Jahr im Burgund

Elisabeth Seifert reviews A Year in Burgundy for the wine blog Triumvin.At


Die eigentlichen Helden dieses Films sind zwei Rebsorten: Chardonnay und Pinot Noir. Und ihre Weine.

Das vieldiskutierte Terroir, der Boden, auf dem sie wachsen, die Region, die Kultur, das Klima, jahrhundertelange Erfahrung. Die Menschen. Menschen die Weine machen wie sonst niemand: sieben Charaktere, sieben Weinmacher, „wine-artists“. Ihre Geschichten und Herangehensweisen an ihre Weine.

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Wall Street Journal Profile of Martine Saunier & the Film

"It's a beautiful film. In fact, it may be the best wine movie I've ever seen"  — Lettie Teague

Lettie Teague profiled Martine Saunier, senior producer and star of the film, for the Wall Street Journal.


Ms. Saunier is also the first female wine importer to star in her own film. Currently, she is at work producing a third, entitled "A Year in Portugal." (Her second documentary, "A Year in Champagne," will debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival next month.) "A Year in Burgundy," out this month on DVD and available on iTunes, follows some of Ms. Saunier's producers through the year, from bud break to harvest.

In the film, Ms. Saunier tastes and talks with producers, including the famously intense and private Lalou Bize-Leroy, creator of some of the best wines in Burgundy. It's a beautiful film. In fact, it may be the best wine movie I've ever seen; it's certainly the only one I know of for which a winemaker provides part of the soundtrack (Thibault Morey playing Erik Satie on the piano).


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Washington Post Reviews A Year in Burgundy


Stephanie Merry reviewed A Year in Burgundy as one of the best new documentaries available to stream online.


You’ll need more than a passing interest in wine to appreciate “A Year in Burgundy.” While the documentary follows seven winemaking families, the movie isn’t about people. The grapes really are the star of the film....

Even so, there is something strangely fascinating about watching winemakers scrutinize each grape even as their business rests precariously on the whims of Mother Nature. If nothing else, “A Year in Burgundy” will give wine fans a fresh appreciation of how much work it takes to make that glass of pinot noir so deliciously complex.

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Condé Nast Travler Holiday Gift Guide


Condé Nast Travler asked the food and wine experts for their holiday gift guide ideas. 

Andy Chabot, Director of Food & Beverage and Head Sommelier at Blackberry Farm, Tennessee recommended A Year in Burgundy:



Great idea for food lovers: The book "The Wines of Burgundy" by Sylvain Pitiot and Charles Servant is great for those travelling to Burgundy (which I believe everyone should do). The film Year in Burgundy is a perfect accompaniment.

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