Profile of Martine Saunier in Fugas





Martine Saunier, senior producer and star of the film, was interviewed by Sérgio Andrade for the Portuguese publication Fugas.

Martine Saunier: "I believe the future of wine will have to go through Portugal"


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American Wine Writer Review

Benjamin Spencer reviews A Year in Burgundy for American Wine Writer.


The nuances of territory are quintessential to understanding Burgundy. It is what speaks through the fruit flavors, the aging regimes, the media hype. For the land and the producers, making red and white Burgundy is everything, just as it has been, for centuries.

By the end of the film, the viewer (me, for instance) comes away with a romantic and eloquent emotional appreciation of what Burgundy is and can be – the struggles and the successes. Even without a glass of Burgundy in front of me – no one in Sicily imports Burgundy – I can (almost) taste what Kennard has worked so hard to reveal.  


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Traveling Wine Chick Review

The Traveling Wine Chick blog reviewed A Year in Burgundy on the eve of its VOD release.



The film itself resembles the birth, growth, and development of a Burgundian wine – a delicate balance of education, history, humanity, nature, and personalities – as we learn about each winemaker-artist’s approach to both life and winemaking and follow them through the four seasons of the year: spring, summer, harvest (not autumn or fall), and winter.


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Wijnkronieken Review

Dutch wine blog Wijnkronieken reviws A Year in Burgundy.


Excerpt (translated from the Dutch)

A Year in Burgundy is about real people, with attention to their personal stories: "I love my job, it lets me be myself," says one of the winemakers. One of the most beautiful scenes I found when a winemaker somewhat desperately for his new machine able to look at harvest. You see him thinking: ' How do I start this thing again?' A winemaker in Burgundy is just an ordinary person, for me that’s the message.


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BinNotes Review


Why should YOU see this film?

Because the 1/12 hour film skillfully navigates viewers through four unforgettable seasons –  one year –  of up-close and personal access to  Burgundian wine makers from Mâcon to Côte de Nuits, including  Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti fame.

Because you learn to appreciate the vagaries of draught, hail, rain, and the ‘grape police’ – perils all in Burgundian wine-growing.

Because you learn the practical side of  wine making, including pruning, harvest, triage, pigeage, battonage and élevage, as it applies to real people, real-time.

Because you learn about the instinctive, unteachable ‘art’ of wine making – the intuition required to allow each wine its maximum expression with minimal intervention. To let the wine have its say about its particular terroir, in its own voice.


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