Wine Spectator Review of A Year in Burgundy


"It's tender and real. It shows the hard work, the travails and tribulations of working the soil for a living."


A Year in Burgundy was reviewed by Wine Spectator's James Molesworth, who calls the film "A Wine Movie Worth Watching"


But the movie is lovingly shot. It's tender and real. It shows the hard work, the travails and tribulations of working the soil for a living. It captures the romance and allure of the wine business without an overabundance of schmaltz.


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The Tennessean: A Year in Burgundy at L'Ete du Vin

The Tennessean covered the special screening of A Year in Burgundy during the Nashville Wine Auction.


The week’s events presented by the Nashville Wine Auction — culminating with L’Ete du Vin on Saturday evening — hit full swing Wednesday night at the Franklin Theatre with a pre-party followed by screening of the documentary “A Year in Burgundy.”

About 200 guests mingled with hors d’oeuvres and wine, of course, and with the film’s hostess and one of the guests of honor for L’Ete du Vin, Martine Saunier.

A native of France, Saunier moved to San Francisco in 1964 and started the first female-owned wine import business in the United States in 1979.

In the film, she visits with wine-makers in Burgundy as they demonstrate their processes during the four seasons.

“(The film) worked out very well, and we’re going to see it tonight,” Saunier said before receiving a standing ovation.

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A Year in Burgundy is Round-up of Beloved Food Movies

A Year in Burgundy makes a round-up of favorite food and drink films in the popular Lithuanian food blog, 

Duonos ir žaidimų (Bread and Games).

Excerpt (translated from Lithuanian)

Food and Film. Taste and vision.

Before Your Eyes - delicious movies. Movies with one of the roles played by food. Comedy, drama, documentary, animation. Books and biographies. Films from faraway Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, America, Denmark, Mexico, France, Taiwan ... sushi, French, Italian cuisine, family-friendly dinner, chefs in love, sweets boutiques, grape fields, wine tasting, speed food - culinary movie themes are inexhaustible.



Jancis Robinson on "Vintage Cinema"


Why are there so many new films about wine? Jancis Robinson reviews five in the Financial Times Weekend Magazine, including A Year in Burgundy — awarding the film a Five Star rating.


A Year in Burgundy is a little more rustic, but then so is Burgundy. And there is nothing naive about its star, Martine Saunier, who has been importing some of her native land’s finest wines into California for decades. But what appealed to me about this film is that it includes some of the less obvious people and places in Burgundy, and Martine has an attractively straightforward, no-nonsense manner.

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CellarBlog: Pairing A Year in Burgundy with... Burgundy

A wine club in Virginia screened A Year in Burgundy together with some of their favorite Burgundy wines.



The film really brings the winemaking process to life, even its mundane aspects, such as racking. It manages to delve into winemaking techniques without getting bogged down to the point that it loses the focus on story telling.

However, the best part of the film is, hands down, the cinematography. The images that fly across the screen are stunning and the film really brings out the beauty in, around and under Burgundy.

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